Monday, February 11, 2013

"Mommy and me" time...

As my children are growing up fast, I find our day getting really busier. With homeschooling and other activities we have taken on, it seem as if I don't have time with any of them. Even though I am with them practically every moment of the day, I find it hard to have that quality time with each son. There is always a fight over who gets Mom's attention first.  So every week I have set a time to take one son at a time and have a special time with just the two of us. This way it gives less distraction from other siblings, and each one gets to speak to Mom without interruption and competition for my moms attention. So far they love going out with mommy.

Where do I take them? To Starbucks, to the library, and sometimes to the store for a quick grocery run. But the point is, it's just "mommy and me" time.

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