Thursday, December 10, 2009

Say I love you instead of bless you...

Have you every wandered why people say "bless you" after sneezing? Growing up I've been told that it's because your heart stops every time you sneeze. And so anyone, a stranger or a love one, who hears you sneeze must say "bless you" as a prayer, because when your heart stops that means you just died. That was the explanation to me. It makes me wonder if people have stop to think why they say such phrase. Does it have to be those words? Do they know the meaning behind it?

Anyway, now that I've grown up and raising three little growing boys I realized I don't really believe the myth behind "bless you" after sneezing. I see it as a good manner to say such, but the question is, do I mean it? So in my venture to make a meaning out of this, I say "I love you" to my sons when they sneeze. I think it gives a real meaning to it.

My Jacob, who is 4, is funny. He sneezes a lot and as he got use to hearing me say, "I love you", he would correct me to say "bless you". Now, he corrects me the other way when I slip saying "bless you".

Of course, this gesture wouldn't work for strangers. I think for your love ones it would be an awesome way to say I love you all the time.

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Crystal said...

i like this blog. its funny how we do/say many things yet not think about its true meaning.
For me, it's just a mere sign of courtesy. It's nice to be reminded of the genuineness of our hearts when we say it and the motivation .. purpose or intent behind it . . what are we trying to achieve or get out of saying or doing something. By that I say thanks for writing/blogging and reminding me and others to check our hearts and our intentions. Food for thought by Joy hehe :)crystal