Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My new look

When I first started with the idea of selling my handmades I thought it was a great idea to make my own labels by hand. This way people new it was mine. Well, the idea wasn't too easy to make all the time. So as time went by an idea came along, why not print it! Very cost effective, less labor! So now, when you purchase my purses/wristlets you will find a new look to my labels. They will be handsewn inside the inner lining fabric as usual. This is how you will now it is personally made by me. I'm very excited to add them to my new handmades. I thought I would share with you my excitement.

The awesome part about it is I've added more to it than what I had on my old labels. A friend of mine suggested to add a favorite verse, and so I did. I played around with the design, and this was my final draft. Do you make your own labels too? You can try it.. All you need is a computer and a printer, transfer paper, fabric, iron, sewing machine with thread. And most of all patience, and a creative idea!

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