Saturday, May 15, 2010

That's a wrap!

This was a birthday present I put together for a friend of mine. I thought it was worth taking a picture and sharing with you. The present is one of my own handmade fabric wristlets (if you're interested to to see what my wristlets look like click here.)  I have wrapped it in a clothlike wrapper colored black. I folded it at the middle to make a little pocket for my note card to slip inside it. To hold the folds on the sides, I don't use tape, but I use a ribbon or something to tie around the packaging. In this picture I used raffia. Anything really works to hold the whole gift together without having to use clear tape. It looks so much more personalized and neatly put together with tape. And for the last touch, I added my very own fabric flower pin. It gave the whole packaging a glow.

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