Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Sons as Business Men

Today my two sons, Ezekiel and Jacob, put up their very first freshly squeezed lemonade stand outside  our  home. It was a week worth of preparation, with hopes that they can earn some money. This all began when they first asked me a week ago for a dollar to put in there handmade wallets. I said, you can't just ask for money, you must earn it by working for it. I thought this would be a great way to teach them about money. So I suggested a lemonade stand. So Ezekiel, who is 7 years old, started making the signs. He made a list of things they would need to put up the stand. Jacob, being 4 years old,  was just waiting for the day to happen.

Over the weekend we picked out fresh lemons from the grandparent's lemon tree. Another bag was given from a friends house. It was about a total of 3 dozen lemons. I wasn't sure how much to make. We borrowed a nice punch dispenser for easy dispensing. They only thing that we were still missing today was the disposable cups. So after getting the cups from the store they set up there stand right at the front of the house with their red wagon and a chair. My only part of their business was to prepare the lemonade.

The very first customer who tasted the lemonade was Jacob. He couldn't help himself. He wanted to have it, maybe because he was so thirsty. Anyway, he was a non-paying customer and Ezekiel didn't like that. But they were persistent, they continued to wait for real customers. So I suggested to shout loud to tell everyone about the lemonade stand. Next thing you know a neighbor came out of their house to try it. And they made their first .50 cents. I was very proud of them, it was an unforgettable moment for us. To see them smile so big and make their first earnings. Yes, they experienced rejection during the day. But, I know they were working hard to get some sales. Ezekiel was yelling out loud every now and then inviting those who come around offering the lemonade. Then Jacob eventually suggested to pull the wagon around hoping to run into someone who might want some. With all the hard work they did, they are a proud owner of a Lemonade stand! Earning $2.00 on opening day. They evenly split the earnings between brothers.

 If you're interested in make a really good lemonade, I found this fresh lemonade recipe from Food Network. I made it and it was an awesome taste. Not too sweet, just the right measurements of sugar, and water added to the lemon squeeze.

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chocolatedogstudio said...

What an awesome summer day activity! They will remember this forever. What a great mom you are to help them learn this lesson. Good blog.