Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Thanks to Remember

Throwing my very first giveaway has been an exciting experience for me. I don't know how else I can say thank you to everyone who responded to the giveaway. It was nice meeting "new faces" and also getting know those who follow me already. I look forward to continue getting to know you on my blog and yours. I sure would like to do this again! You all have made me smile. Everyday that I receive a comment/message from blogger it gave me joy and excitement to give a free gift from my shop.

I think what really made it enjoyable for me was to use my label as part of the giveaway. That bible verse printed beneath my brand name, which you replied back to me, is the meaning behind what I have started and continue to do with my handmade. That verse really encourages me to keep making and creating. How about you? What made it enjoyable for you? I'd like to know. Leave me a comment, yah!

Lastly, I hope you continue to find my creations worth entering my giveaway. It will always be my pleasure to give and share it with others.  Anyway, I hope you keep visiting me! You never know when I'll give another free gift from my etsy shop. I'll make up another fun and interesting way to enter it. See you again soon!

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