Tuesday, November 20, 2012

 This is the first time I have ever spent my birthday this way. I stopped celebrating since I was 18, I think. And for the longest time I have planned this special dinner for special friends. These are friends whom I truly can count on, and have grown along side me through the years I have known them. Honestly, over the years I have postponed it for a lack of confidence in whom I should invite. I guess I wasn't sure who they were then. But this year I was more than sure.  These are ladies who I can be around with the way I am.  Women who I can talk to without fear and worry what they would think of me. They are fellow moms who I can listen to for advice and rebuke. I can share with them my thoughts without a doubt.  We had so much fun that evening at Roy's Restaurant. We all needed this kind of get away for we are a group of hard working moms that need this special night out.

My intention for the evening was to bless my friends on my birthday. So I prepared something different to do as table game at a fancy restaurant:

1. Prepare a nice gift, wrap it fancy too! Handmade is the best!
2. Write on different index paper or nicer a "Thank You" note for every friend you invite. Write what you're special thoughts and encouragement for that particular friend.
3. At the back of the card write down the name of the game ( I just made this game up, since I was the one hosting it) - "Guess My Favorite" - put a,b,c, of anything you like. For example,
           a. Favorite Book
           b. Favorite Bible Verse
           c. Favorite Puzzle
4. And whoever guess all three wins the prize.
5. Make sure to have a tie breaker just in case.

My prize, which is shown on the first picture above, was my very own handmade tote bag. Everyone enjoyed it. It was fun to do while we waited for our food. 

Don't forget to leave me a comment. Tell me what you think about my fancy dinner "icebreaker".

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