Thursday, May 30, 2013

A morning prayer in disguise

I've been awake since 7am today. And how tempting it was to stay in bed, and check my phone. Well, I did stay in bed. Then I automatically slid into prayer. Somehow that seem easy to do. But sad to say it wasn't a joyful one. It was more like "let's get it over with" kind of prayer. I knew deep inside the Holy Spirit, my comforter, one who reminds me that I am new in Christ, was nudging me to pick up my Bible. Yet in my naturally disobedient heart picks up The Valley of Vision, a collection of puritan prayers, and started reading from the page I last read it. As I begin to read it I was still distracted in my mind. Talk about an unwilling spirit! But as I continued to read this prayer it became mine.

"Sanctify me in every relation, office, transaction and condition of life...Balance my mind in all varying circumstances and help me to cultivate a disposition that tends every duty a spiritual privilege. Thus may I be content, be a glory to thee and an example to others." -The Valley of Vision

How I need this kind of prayer. I feel that I'm taking on new endeavors everyday on top of what I already have in my plate. I always say in my conversations how in my life it takes a lot of balancing act. This prayer just hits it. I admit my prayer can easily turn into wishful thinking because my worldly desires seems to weight more than God's will. But ultimately I know this will always be my prayer, that I will be a glory to God.

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