Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer fun snacks

Because store bought snacks are not always the healthiest for my kids I'm always in a look out for home made snack ideas. Specially now that it's summer it's the best time to make popsicles from scratch. It is always tempting to buy the ready made popsicle, but have you looked at the sugar content?  I just gotta push myself and make it at home!
So I've had these ice tray that makes different kind of fun shapes. I would freeze fruit juice for the kids to munch on. Lately I've found it to be useful for freezing frozen yogurt. So much better than those popsicle mold with a stick. It was cheap but it was a waste of money, and it didn't really do what it was supposed to do.
Anyway, here's my easy recipe that the kids keep coming back for!


Fage Greek plain yogurt (you can find at Costco)
Fresh strawberries (buy organic)
Brown sugar or honey
Ice tray or mold, soft kind can be found at Big Lots)

Then I use my magic bullet to mix it all together. Then scoop or pour it in the mold/ice tray. Freeze and serve.

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