Monday, August 5, 2013

Picture Day at Vanguard Academy

Here's a short story of how we envision 2013-2014 will be like at Vanguard Homeschool Academy:
 A lot of reading!
 A lot of searching! 
 A lot of discussing! Literally!
 Some silliness!
 And of course, eating healthy food!
 More reading!
 Teaching E for excellence!
 A lot of contemplating!
 Geology & History!

 Just learning every minute of the day!
 Practice makes better!
 Showing and Sharing!
 Learning to sit back and enjoy the moment! 
 Studying together!
 Enjoying the couch together!
Then thank God Almighty at the end of a wonderful productive day! What a blessing it is to be a homeschooling family!

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