Saturday, November 28, 2009

Welcome to my blog..

For introduction, I don't really have an idea how this blog will come about. I have my family website that I try my best to maintain, but this seems to be the big time blogging. And I find my self intrigued, at the same time intimidated. I find myself thinking of many different ideas on what exactly to blog about. From what I've seen on other bloggers, they blog about their house, family, politics, sports, etc. I find myself still completely undecided. I like to write all my thoughts on everything if I could, and I most likely will.

This is a new venue for me. I hope to meet new people that shares my interest, and be useful to them in return. Useful in a way that brings about encouraging blogs just like other bloggers I have read. They have inspired and encouraged their followers. That's what I hope this blog will be to others.

So if you're reading this, welcome to my blog. And here goes something...

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