Saturday, January 23, 2010

keeping your boys busy when it rains...

I think we've started a tradition. Let's go camping inside the house when it's raining outside for a week! Oh how they loved that idea. I allowed the kids to keep the tent until they started fighting over it. It was great while it lasted. Ezekiel, 7, my eldest loved reading his books inside. He thought of it as a place of privacy. But his little brother, Jacob, 4, follows him everywhere. He just couldn't help but desire to be with his big brother in the tent to play. But, Ezekiel couldn't find himself sharing the tent with his little brother. So the blessing was taken away from them. With the lesson to learn that when a blessing is not shared it isn't worth keeping.

Well we  did have it for three days. And our place is not that big. They did enjoyed it. And I wouldn't mind taking it out when the rain comes again. This time, with the hope my sons have learned their lesson.

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