Thursday, January 7, 2010

My time is not my own...

My time is not really mine to own. For it is given to you and me. What then must one do with their time? Use it wisely, but how? I say, in humility, realize that I am not in control. In faith, believe there lies a higher being who is sovereign-ly more powerful than how I can imagine myself to want to be in control. In endurance, get rid of the unnecessary baggage of life, self abasement, self righteousness, self indulgence, self made religion, fear of men, in other words, get rid of  S E L F.  And in patience, carry on what is true, honorable, pure, right, and lovely. 
 Then some might think  it goes against their plans and thoughts. But the older I get the more I realize that in reality seeking and wanting for what I think will satisfy for life is really only  for awhile. Because that hunger of satisfaction is only fulfilled for a bit then I waste my time again running after things that could bring back the satisfaction I felt. Well, it gets pretty tiring.
The more you use up the time given to you to seek after false self-satisfying objects in life the more danger you face because the reality is we will never be satisfied. There is only One who can satisfy  the hunger for satisfaction, God , Creator, Maker, Designer of the human race, life, time, and everything else. He  is in control, and He has a great plan for our good. The time that we all have is not ours, but His, and we are to use it wisely. We are to use  time not to indulge ourselves with useless things. There is a higher calling to life out there. And it's readily available, stop seeking for what could waste time, and start seeking for what can bring value to life. For what is worth valuing is worth living for. So ask yourself, what are you using your time for?

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