Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Mommy & Me Day"

I have realized that part of being a mom of three, I must be creative. Especially with boys, I must be prepared for keeping up with their livelihood. Though I will always hear them say such things as "I'm bored". I can never stop them from thinking that way every now and then. They are prone to always looking for something else to fill their empty souls with things that they think will satisfy them. Sadly enough no matter how much things they will run after, they will always end up searching for other things. So as a mother who stays at home, who is committed to raise these little boys up, I, must also commit to a creative approach to raising them. So, I have taken up the task to have "Mommy & Me" days. A word to all mothers, do whatever it takes to spend time with your kids individually. Whether it be to take them up on the mountains and teach them how to snowboard, or take them to the playground for a ride on the swing. For I fear that soon they will grow up too fast they will say no to such idea!

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