Sunday, March 7, 2010

What you need for a creative birthday party...

Favor or give away box... I made dark chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick and tagged them with "thank you" messages. (courtesy of Yonina B.) I made the tier with gift wrapped boxes. I'll write a different blog for a step by step idea of how I made it.

Made a felt label that I put in between the favors. This can be used for different parties.

For entertainment, don't hire, instead be inspired to create your entertainment for the kids. Puppet show is best. This puppet theatre was inspired from different ideas I research on the internet that showed how to recycle big boxes into puppet theatre. From there I created this. Gave it a theme, drew on it, painted it, and there it is! With the help of my kids, and close friends it all came into fruition. 

Part of entertainment, have your kids play their favorite musical instrument even if they're not in their best playing condition! It was fun to see them have fun playing and singing for the guests.

To keep the children busy, have a cardboard box house ready to be painted.. 
It was great to see these kids get creative.
For the toddlers or infants, I put together a fence guard and foam to keep them in one place and put lots of balloons on the floor. The parents enjoyed for sure!

Best centerpiece for parties, popcorn bowls!

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