Friday, April 23, 2010

A new look...

Welcome to my new look! So I've been blogging since, I believe, November of 09. I say I'm still new at it. I also should say I'm enjoy it very much. Though managing it is not so easy. But it looks like my blog has chosen its personality.  I thought adding my signature to my header would personalize it as  it is my blog. If you have been following, I'd like to hear your comment, and what you think about my new "look". Please be nice. =D i can take criticism, but make it as constructive as you can. I want to appreciate the comment... thank you in advance.

If you happen to wonder how I made my header, here's a quick thought to share:
  • My personal computer is a Macbook 08. I love it, very much. I don't think I can ever go back to PC. I guess that's what happened when I said goodbye to programming... 
  • To formulate the header image, I used two programs: Pages 09 and Preview.
  • I scanned my hand signature and saved it as a JPEG file. 
  • Once the image is saved in my documents, I insert in Pages. Please note that if you are not a mac person, this instruction will not be helpful. But there is other ways to make your header image on PC using Word.  
  • Using Pages: Add text boxes to add more texts that will look good with your image. On mine I added "Sincerely," and "...created to be creative" texts.
  • I added colors added texts. But if you want to change colors of the actual scanned image you have to use another program like photo shop (I personally haven't used it.)
  • Once you've created the look on Pages, Select all, and copy. Open Preview program, and then, click on File -> select New from Clipboard. This will display what you made from Pages.
  • Lastly, Save the file on Preview as a .gif file, if the size of the image is too big, because .jpg saves it is a big file, blogger will place the image on your blog the way it can fit. 
  • Just in case, you're asking how to edit your header. You must go to Layout, edit the header. Choose to upload an image from your computer. And make sure to use that image instead of the title and description. 

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