Friday, April 23, 2010

Delicious Salmon Sandwhich

This meal is perfect for lunch and dinner. I love preparing it for me and my husband, Rhey. I've been creative with it ever since a friend of mine introduced me to the salmon patty from Costco. So it's time to share it with you. Take a look at the picture. What I have here is:
          • Ciabatta bread
          • Salmon Patty
          • American Cheese
          • Green bellpeppers sliced
          • Red leaf lettuce
          • For taste, I have mayo and thinly sliced garlic.
Some instructions: I broil the salmon patty using my small toaster oven since I only make two at a time, but if you plan to make more than that I would use the oven. Lately, I've been enjoying broiling most of my meat dishes. It's easy and faster. Anyway, make sure that you turn the salmon patty 8 minutes on each side or until a little brown. You don't want it to be under cook nor over cooked either. I add a little bit lemon pepper on the patty while cooking, and then when it's almost cooked I add the cheese on top to melt. After all the salmon patty is broiled, put all the ingredients together and you have a happy healthy meal, at least 500 calories. I don't know if you're counting your calories, but I hope this is a good count.

This has been a refreshing to me. It's a meal that get's me going during the day with my kids! Enjoy. Let me know when you try it, and how you were creative with it!

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