Friday, May 28, 2010

Another homeschooling resource..

The Christian Home School

One of the books I read and studied to get equipped for homeschooling my children is this book. A very helpful and encouraging tool for parents who have decided to bring education into their home. This book written by Greg Harris also was a father who homeschooled his children. He brings points that really confirms our decision to educate our children at home. After reading this book, I felt very excited and enthusiastic about homeschooling. I felt that I can endure through the challenging times. Anyway, come check it out for yourself. Whether you are a parent who isn't homeschooling yet but interested in looking into it, or you may be a parent who is already in the homeschooling community, this book is a keeper. After reading it you're going to want to go read it again to be reminded of the rich benefits your family can enjoy with homeschooling.

To order one for yourself, just click the title above "The Christian Home School".

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