Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wow! it's June!

It's been awhile since my last post. Many thoughts have come and gone. The "would have, could have" ideas are in the past now. I have been so busy with different things. I feel I have miss much. But I know it's a time of growing and new adventures to come. What I have been busy with for the past month was also an awesome experience. I don't even know where to begin. For one, I had house projects right to left. At the same time I had my first wholesale order on my ETSY shop. I was also busy with making more wristlets to put up on my shop, but ended up making them graduation gifts. I think what kept me off my blog for awhile was my personal studies. I began my own classical education this past month, and working out a schedule to fit everything is tough. But it's been an awesome time studying. Which I will write a different post about my study. I have seem to transitioned to a schedule that allows me to study my bible, my classics, and sometimes sew or check my email all in my early mornings. Especially before the children wakes up. Trying to keep up with this schedule really made me realize I have to keep myself in check of my priorities. And most of all, keep in my mind whose agenda am I trying to achieve. I must remember that it should be God's agenda that I should follow most. I would hear my husband say a lot, "slow down, you're going a 100 mph", because he would see me so exhausted. There are so much more I want to do and make, but I know I have to be patient and trust that God is in control not me. With all that said, I'm very excited for His plan and His work in me and my family's life.

Lastly, I just want to share a picture of the month... our new family library. This kept me away from our regular scheduled chores, but it was worth putting together.

I'm very excited to see my children grow from loving reading to studying our books. I already see my youngest, Titus, enjoy taking out a book from the bottom and actually flip through it. I'm excited because as I read more about Leadership Education, I feel that to have a family library is an awesome idea to homeschool kids. In this book it tells all about  how each phases of learning is evident in how you set up the books on the shelf.  The very bottom are for core phases and as the reach onto the 2nd shelf they become learners, and the more they can reach the top they become scholars. That's why I've very excited to see and experience in my family. I just know God has a great plan!

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