Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I love seeing them read...

I caught my sons red handed! They were seriously quiet in their room while I was doing the laundry just outside their door. When I was done loading a set of laundry I looked back and saw them sitting together with a book on their hands. Yes, even baby Titus was into it! It was a great sight to see. Jacob obviously caught me taking a picture so he decides to pose for the camera. But my first original view of that picture is forever embedded in my memory. This picture was just a hint of how my boys love books.

My eldest, Ezekiel, 7yo, is the efficient reader. He loves to read to his little brother, Jacob. He learned to read at 4. He started reading small words and then grew to figuring out big words on his own with and without our guidance. I remember those days of teach when my husband and I taught him the principle of sounding his letters at 3 1/2 year old. And he eventually used those principles to read words today. He was able to follow at that age. Of course, I had my taste of learning patience too.

With Jacob, who is 4 years old, started his sounds at 2 1/2yo. In fact he learned to spell his name at that age. I wanted a little bit more relax on teaching him reading, because doing homeschool in two different levels can get challenging. I've decided to wait a little later to start him on reading. Using flash cards of the Alphabet and then to short 3 letter words. Teaching him beginning and ending sounds. He has learned to find words such as "the", "is", "it".

If you're a homeschooler like me, I'm sure you can relate with me. How I love seeing my children take up a book and read on their own. It's a blessed sight!

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