Monday, May 24, 2010

My thinkers....

As homeschoolers we have set a morning routine for the family. My husband goes to work, the kids and I have breakfast, and do chores... and this is what the kids did one morning during chore time. They didn't let me in their room to check up until they were done, because they wanted to surprise me. And all that time I thought they were making their beds and picking up toys. They were actually creating a museum in their room along with making their beds. Now, I know that doesn't sound like a chore, and I definitely did not tell them to make a museum for a chore. But I had to hand it to them. They're creative minds were at work. So I'm proud to present my museum founders, Ezekiel (7yo) & Jacob (4yo)!

 There were three exhibits in their museum and one of them was their toy dinosaur exhibit. The others exhibits were about books, and their hanging toy guns and tools.

The best part about this was that they were working together like a team!

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