Monday, May 24, 2010

A Help book that really helped...

Four years ago I started going to a Women's Discipling Women Conference at Master's College. It was a blessing every time I  went. Even for just one whole day of hearing godly women speak about godly messages,  I felt really refreshed away from the everyday dealings of motherhood, family, and other things. Not that I was running away from such dealings. But it was good to break away for a day. Anyway, my recommended book comes from that conference. It was also recommended to me. This book helped me re-organized my thoughts and desires. It's very practical and biblical for mothers who has a lot on their plate. One thing that really helped me see that my duties does not have to be accomplished in one whole day. Planning and organizing in a different way gave me peace that I can move a "to do list" on another day. But most of all, I really learned that my time is not only my time, but it's a God given gift to manage His blessings. So I hope you'll find this encouraging. I hope you get to read it too. Share something in my blog if you've read it before! I'd like to hear your thoughts.

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