Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A quick thought...

Today I realize how tough and challenging it is to discipline and train your own kids. I don't count myself any different than other parents. I'm sure that all parents are on the same boat that my husband and I are on. My children are growing quite fast. Faster than I can imagine it, which in tales how much I don't have complete control of time and consequences. Today marks 9 years of marriage, and 8 years of family life with children. Today I know that I can only hold on to God's sovereignty for the life and growth of my kids. I could only expect so much and hope so much for my children to have a life worth living, but I know deep inside I pray that they will live a life that characterizes a saved sinner. That one day they will find Christ to savor and treasure. As a parent the only way I can help my children grow into this is that I myself will grow in the knowledge of Christ, and be a display of His likeness. Everyday it is a struggle, but I hold on in faith and most of all God's grace. 

If you're a parent that has a heart like mine, I invite you to read this book, "Shepherding a Child's Heart" by Tedd Tripp. My husband and I has read this book many times. And all the time we are reminded and encourage to become the parent God wants us to be.

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