Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fried Wonton Dessert

Easiest dessert ever!

INGREDIENTS: Banana (sliced), wonton wrappers, Nutella, powdered sugar, vegetable oil, water in a small bowl.

INSTRUCTIONS: Preheat vegetable oil on a frying pan. Take one wonton wrapper brush water around the sides; spread nutella on the center of the wrapper, add two slices of banana, and close the two edges to make a triangle shape. After it browns on each side take it out of the oil and let oil drain on a paper towel. Set them on a nice dessert plate and sprinkle some powdered sugar. Then serve right away for a crispy taste!

Note: My son, Jacob, is allergic to hazel nut. So I had to make him a special one with SoyNut butter instead of Nutella. It is peanut free. He loved it! You can buy SoyNut Butter from Fresh & Easy, and most probably from other healthy stores.

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