Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Learning through the Summer!

Plan of action!
Starting line.

Result of the project!
As you probably have read from my past postings, we are a homeschooling family. And as the year quickly passes us by, I continue to learn that learning shouldn't and don't need to stop just because the school system has ended for the year. In my home we have established to be open to continuous learning, whether it would be from reading or experimenting and evening exploring to capture bugs around the outskirts of our home. So my son, Ezekiel, was sharing with me how he wanted to build another race track out card board. He wants to see his matchbox cars to fly high from a ramp. In my head, I don't think I want to go through the mess of having cardboard boxes around the house. So I suggested to experiment with recycled water bottles. He first drew his plan of action. He drew it imagining the height of the ramp would be as tall as his baby brother, Titus, 1 yr old. As I guided him through his science project, to use the patio table for the height. Each bottle was cut on each end to make an even whole for the car to fit inside. We used a rock to help it bend at the bottom. Ezekiel's imagination was to make it fly out of the tube. Unfortunately, the result of the project was not too successful. The car would get stuck before it would even reach the exit hole.
The good part of the whole project was Ezekiel was determined to put it together, and this kept him pretty busy for awhile.

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