Monday, August 2, 2010

New line coming to madebyCIEL

A camera phone upload of a diapee/wipee travel pouch that was made today. I'm very proud to present a project that has been long awaited. And I have finally completed one that is to my contentment, I believe. Designed carefully with the thought of other moms who have infants to toddlers who needs to carry around diapers and wipe box everywhere they go. I made it handy in a way that moms can put hand sanitizers and diaper ointments inside the outer pocket. In the pocket, disposable changing pad can fit too! It's an open pocket for convenience to add the necessities. It can hold pamper wipee box and up to 2 diapers of size 6. That is what I measured this pouch with. To secure the diapers and wipe box, a strap overlaps the opening with snap buttons to lock. It's big enough to keep diaper changing organized and small enough to lug around where ever you go! I'm hoping this will be handy. So I have made this one personally to my cousin, Yonina, who is 4 1/2 month pregnant. She's having a boy! This is a perfect color and design.

And lastly, as you might notice from my other creative projects, I'm an avid re-purpose(r) of fabrics. And what I mean by that is, I find good looking and good quality unwanted clothes, fabrics, materials and remake them for a new purpose. In this particular project, I have used a 12 month old onesie for the pocket, and the rest of the fabric is a left over fabric of a window curtain.

To see more angle of the pouch, come see my facebook, "madeby Ciel", Or you can also be a fan of CIEL

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