Monday, August 30, 2010

School Shopping!!

Carson Anywhere Desk - Ebony

First on the list for this year's school shopping. Not clothes, nor shoes, but a desk. I don't have a big house, but we've rearranged the living room for it to be a place that invites play, learn, and relax. I've been learning daily as a homeschool teacher not only teach but to inspire. So my thought behind the desk is that my kids will see it as a place of sanctuary, to see it as a tool for their learning. Of course they're not in that stage yet to sit down for long hours studying their heart out. But I am very happy that we were able to provide them this spot in our home for them to have. This particular desk was just right for the space. And the color matched the rest of my  furniture. The drawer is very functional. It can be used as keyboard drawer or another desk space. It's a great find!
Next on the list, school supplies! And on the official first day of our school year, which is Tuesday, will be shopping for school supplies and a trip to the beach. Get the kids enjoy the first day of school with mom and dad.  That's what homeschooling is all about, FAMILY!

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