Monday, August 30, 2010

When painting is the craft of the day...

Jacob's dinosaur

Titus' first green paint "hand print"

Ezekiel's butterfly painting

Jacob's helicopter hand paint

At least once a week the boys get together at the table for some arts and craft. Last week it was painting. I usually do spontaneous crafting with them. No planned out theme for the to paint. I think it's more artistic that way. Especially with painting. So this was the outcome. I really like seeing their creativity come out as they make this thins. In fact, it was Jacob who put some paint together and folded the paper in half not knowing that what came out was going to be a dinosaur. And when he unfolded he saw a dinosaur. So we called his paint "dinosaur". Ezekiel is a little different. Being a 7 year old he likes to plan things out. He wanted to make a butterfly so he did his best to shape his painting to look like a butterfly. And so he did.

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