Thursday, August 12, 2010

A tribute to Jacob...

A long awaited age for my second son, Jacob. For some reason in the past two years he has said to himself many times, "when I'm 5 years old...", and usually it is to get mom and dad agree with his idea of trying something that he isn't allowed to at the moment. Jacob is a wonder. He is funny in his own many ways. He is a loving big brother to Titus, and a bossy little brother to Ezekiel. And though he wouldn't admit it, he quite shows it that he wants to be like his big brother. He is very proud of his big brother. In fact, he is the type to be the first to clap his hands to show his encouragement to his brother's accomplishments.

Jacob is very smart, and many times the questions I asked Ezekiel he would know how to answer it.  Whether it be a math or reading questions, he can comprehend the question and blurt out the answer before Ezekiel does. He is showing a love of learning math. His favorite board game is SumSwamp. He loves adding, and he loves playing with numbers with a calculator.

One quality trait that he has, is his love for his family. He obeys his parents with gladness on days when it doesn't conflict with what he wants to do. He loves doing chores, and playing basketball outside our patio. He loves going to church with his family especially to Children's Sunday Service. There he remembers God's stories that impacts his life everyday. I'm very proud of my Jacob. That's our JACOB!

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