Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October Wrap Up! part 2

As we returned from a long one whole week trip, it was time to prepare for my husband's 35th Birthday. Here are a few photo shots of what the kids and I did:
Used construction paper to make paper fiesta flags, and added the word "happy birthday". We hung it on our dining area mirror to give a touch of surprise as dad comes home from work.  Jacob, did some of the cutting and pasting of the letters.

Birthday menu: Mussels on pasta. It was a great turn out! Dessert: Fresh bake brownies with additional walnuts and bananas on the side. Note: I learned not to poke candles on a freshly baked brownies. IT MELTS! haha, because of the excitement of preparing the dinner I totally miscalculated the time of candle blowing with the freshly baked brownies. So to continue with the candles, we added the candles on ice cream instead.

With the recession on the lose, I believe creativity must be on the lose! We started a birthday tradition. So instead of buying or wrapping Rhey's birthday gift, the kids and I used this nice tin box. What we put in it; birthday messages from the kids, and a scavenger hunt message for his gift.  From now on we use the tin box to give as a gift whether it's a scavenger hunt message to look for the gift, or love messages to greet each other a birthday message.

The scavenger brought him to the garage where we hid his very first owned Iron Gym pull up bar

 All in all this birthday bash was a blast. 

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