Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Date to Remember...

As we visited family up north one of the greatest advantage is to get a night off from the kids. My aunt loved the fact the kids where all hers for the night. I thank God for her! So we went to visit the city of Oakland. Many would say that this city wouldn't be worth visiting. But you can't say that unless you get there. We were craving for cajun shrimp. So we "yelped" for restaurants, and Oakland had the closest cajun seafood restaurant. We had no regrets. It was a nice quaint whole in a whole cajun restaurant. Awesome shrimps! After the awesome shrimps, off to a nice short walk down the waterfront. We sat down on a park bench, watching the sun go down. People in Oakland are very active, by the way. This city was busy even after work hours. I saw people walking their dogs, jogging, "picnicing" on a grassy area. And this was on a Tuesday evening.

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