Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our First School Field Trip of the Year!

 Welcome to Old Town Sacramento! For the month of October we have planned to make it our very own history month.  We took a trip to Sacramento on a Monday afternoon. And took lots of pictures to remember this day. It was a lovely place to visit. Here are a few to share:
According to the officer, Old Town Sacrament use to be run down, and the city had to renovate it. They tried to restore the town to its historic look back in the 1860's. And I think they did a great job. It was worth traveling to. 

The kids definitely enjoyed the walk. The time we arrived the town wasn't too crowded. We don't like crowded place, so we really took advantage of the open space.

A candy store on the strip.

This phone is part of toy store that we went into. 

This is the waterfront where  John Sutter landed and established the Sutter's Fort.

A random picture I took on the way out to State Capitol that was a walking distance from the Old Town Sacramento tourist spot. 

I thought this bridge was something important, or else it wouldn't be so golden yellow.

Another random picture as we attempted to walk on the streets of the city of Sacramento to visit the State Capitol. This was towards the evening. And the place was very quiet. As you can see no one else was walking along the street with us.

I remember starting from the point of the yellow bridge. This is how far the boys and I got to walking until my husband, Rhey picked us up half way there.

They have made it quite convenience for every visitor to be able to park right in front for the State Capitol for 30 minutes and take pictures. It was a blast for the kids and I.

We stayed until the evening. The pictures are a little yellow, because I had to manipulate my SLR setting on the ISO.

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