Monday, December 13, 2010

December once again...

OH what can I say, time continues on no matter what! It seems like sometimes I'm running after it and there will be days I wish it will slow down. This is the time of year I kind of wish it would slow down a bit so that I can catch up with things to do.  Our chore list haven't been followed since November, but somehow we're keeping things every room tidy enough to live peacefully.

Anyway, I just realized it's been a month since I blogged. And I didn't even get to write about our Thanksgiving Dinner! Well, this past Thanksgiving one of our family traditions is normally inviting another family over to have dinner with us. But this year we decided to celebrate it with my parents and siblings along with other relatives. It was in lieu of there new renovated kitchen. Although one tradition that we did keep is to have an early special dinner for us family and put up our Christmas tree. On this picture, are the three proud boys who helped daddy put up and decorate our very special tree.

And so, ever since then it's been a wild ride to today. What I have been up to I will soon update you again. Belated happy thanksgiving and advance merry Christmas!!

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