Friday, January 21, 2011

Museums, museums, museums!

So I guess I've never stopped to think how Christmas, New Years Day, and my eldest son, EZ's birthday is so close to one another until now. But we somehow find time to always celebrate it no matter what.  And part of celebrating it was going to a museum with his family. We also thought it was a great idea to start off the year with a trip to the museum that we've never been before. So my cousin recommended this place in Los Angeles, called Skirball, who has an exhibit called Noah's Ark. As a children's place of experiencing how it would be like to be in the real Noah's Ark.  My boys loved it! They explored every part of the museum. Here are some pictures I took:

If you're interested here are some info that I know, only because I went.

1. FREE ADMISSION every Thursday, BUT you must call for appointment. I hear they get booked pretty quick, so I would call them way ahead of time.
2. Depending on what time you're appointment is, and I'm sure you think of bringing snacks, which I believe you can and of course your kids will want snacks, there are tables and chairs in their outdoor patios for you and your kids to hang out at until your appointment. If you run out of snacks, they have snack bar right outside their cafe. Yup, they're pretty ready. I only know because we ended up eating at the gourmet cafe, because we weren't prepared with lunch. Anyway, the food is pretty good size for lunch. Kids were able to eat the gourmet pizza.  I guess they'll never know the difference! Their bread basket is good with their butter.  Price? Well, it's not Mcdonald's lunch menu that's for sure! I say the price is reasonable for 6 people. But the place is so small that we couldn't bring our strollers in with us as we had lunch. I think that was a thumbs down. Then again it was a gourmet cafe.

That's my review. But for more interested viewers, please go to their website:

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