Friday, January 21, 2011

traditions to keep

I. I'm pretty sure I haven't blogged about this yet, but in any case, I thought I would share that one of the best traditions of every year ending is that as a family we find a new ornament in addition to our Christmas tree. We have picked a certain design for our tree, and it must look like a star or a snowflake. And this year this was our Christmas ornament of 2010.  I get excited to see as time goes by until the tree gets so filled up with different kinds of snowflakes and stars ornaments, our family will look back at the years past how blessed we have been.  This tradition was thought of 9 years ago, and I intend to keep it going until my children's children.

II. Second tradition we like to keep is decoration. Now our house is pretty simple, not too extravagant. Dad is the one responsible for the Christmas lights outside, and our kids wonder all the time..."what can we do to help". So I try to set aside wall decals or window decals that I buy from after Christmas sale of the year before. And so when the next season comes They have something to do to decorate the house with. They get really into it!  And this past season they were ornament decals, and we just added ribbons to make them look like they are hanging from the ceiling. And these are awesome deals from Marshalls.

III. Lastly, don't forget Mr. Nutcracker here, the nutcracker who doesn't really crack nuts! We've had this one for a couple of year now, and I guess this year my eldest got very curious if it really cracks nuts. So I let him experiment, and silly Mommy who knew this thing was just a decoration nutcracker, still let him. And you probably already know what happened, of course!! the handle on the back broke. So Mr. Nutcracker was under re construction for most of the season. Oh well! Now we know.

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