Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Feature: Uncle Tom's Cabin

This book made me angry, sad, question, seek, and so much more. Though this book is suppose to be read during junior high, or high school years, I chose to read now that I have a family and homeschooling. I think it's even the best time to read it. As I have completed this book it was very encouraging to bring the principles of Uncle Tom's character into my home. This was my review as I wrote it in my journal for every book I finish.
"It was definitely worth reading. Every time I pick it up, it's like a movie I would sit down to watch for hours. Every chapter was very meaningful to me. Though my time with it was off and on because of my scheduling, but there wasn't a moment that I regretted picking it up. It's unimaginable what these people have gone through in life. But I just can't help but be moved by Stowe's main purpose of writing this book to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. That, though a person's lifetime could be in its worse situations, and it seems nothing good can come out it, having the right perspective brings things to light. With Uncle Tom's great example of how he lived his life as a slave, he should be marked as a hero. Whether his character is fictional or not he depicts the characters of a person that I really felt I should become. Someone who held on to his belief. His faith was real. He knew that the words he read in his bible was true and worth of holding on to. Because of that he lived a life worthy of the cause. There was no regrets, no question of why he was going through what he was going through. His endurance, and continued to find joy everlasting is an example to me. What a great and awesome insight of a struggling Christian whose true relationship with God shines so bright in such a darkened moment of life. How I want the same attitude!! And to desire what is lasting. Uncle Tom only wanted one thing is to be His Savior and true Master. Nothing can separate him from His love."

This is a great edition. Paper back. Most definitely affordable. I haven't seen it in Kindle version though.  I hope you find this one encouraging as it did with me.  I've never heard nor read anyone's review or essay on this book. Maybe some of you have. You're welcome to share! Leave me a comment.

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