Friday, February 18, 2011

Don't forget the BUNUELOS

 I love taking pictures of dishes I've made. This one is yet one of my favorites. One of my neighbors shared this sweet treat with us back in December, and my kids and I fell in love with it. They are a Spanish origin desert or snacks. They can be made in balls or as flat like a regular tortilla. In fact they do look like tortillas. It's just that I'm not so sure if tortillas are made with the same ingredients.  They are called, Bunuelos. Now I didn't get to talk with my neighbor how she made it, but I knew I can always search it on google. And this is the story of what I found out.

So they are made with flour mixed with baking powder, salt, vegetable shortening.  You can go to that link for the recipe on how to make this awesome treat, that's if you have all the time to make it from scratch. I definitely don't have enough time to mix dough and roll them flat. So I did an experiment. It can be done with regular tortillas, except I used uncooked flour tortillas.  And it was just as I thought, it turned out to be the same crunchy taste as my neighbors. So searching through the internet for these delicacies, I learned that I can be creative with it! You don't necessarily have to fry them as a whole tortilla. I cut them in to quarters, and fried it that way. This way it's easier to eat, less messy, and more people can eat with a dozen of tortillas. 
You may have noticed that it looks sugary. That's because you sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar. It might also remind you of another Spanish pastry, "churros".  It's the same sugar they use.

Now when I introduced this to my close friends, they loved it. It was all gone the minute it got there. They just kept munching away, except they didn't know that they are to eat it with a warm cinnamon  syrup. Oh it is so good with it!

So basically, this was my way of making the Bunuelos:

  1. Buy uncooked tortillas (our Costco store sells them in 2 packages per bag under $8, found in the freezer aisles)
  2. Cut them in quarters.
  3. Deep fry. I used my wok to fry instead of a regular flat frying pan. This way I can easily let the oil drip back. 
  4. Have a shaker ready with cinnamon mixed with granulated sugar. My measurements: 1 cup of sugar, 1 tbls of cinnamon. This should last for future Bunuelo cravings!
  5. When frying, you will see the tortilla's bubble up and float. Turn them so that they burn. When they are taken out of the oil, have a big bowl with a paper towel handy and sprinkle the cinnamon sugar mix on the tortillas as you go.
  6. As for the cinnamon syrup. Here is a link for the recipe I followed. It's one of the sites that I ran into as I researched on Bunuelos. And it's the easiest one I found.


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