Friday, February 18, 2011

Scrapbook for Homeschooling purposes!!

 The picture shown above already was featured on a past blog. But perhaps I would like to write a more specific message about the idea and encourage those who homeschool in regards to the challenge of organizing. I believe this can be followed until they finish high school even. Although my kids aren't there yet, but so far I love this idea.

As you probably already know, scrapbooks are best for memory keepers. I love how it's so functional that way. But unfortunately with the time I have I can't make my scrapbooks as pretty as others. Let's just say I tried to start a scrapbook of pictures for the first year of my my first son, I only got as far as 3 months. I don't regret investing on the scrapbook itself, because 8 years later it actually served us for the best. Homeschool records of drawings, school year pictures,  printing practices, writing, art painting and cut outs from their work books are what's inside these scrapbooks. Anything that I can fit in each plastic protected page is perfect for viewing and hiding what would be so enjoyable to peek through in coming years.

I treat it like a time capsule box except it's not a box. And the benefits of doing this for my household is the beauty of seeing their abilities grow.  The development of  a scribble with in 1 year becomes a drawing of a person, and then to a super hero character.  Another benefit that I can think of is it encourages my kids to keep doing it. I have observed that they are proud with their work and they want to be complimented, or acknowledged.

So each of my son has a designated scrapbook of their own. The way I've used it so far is:
  • I've purchased a 12x12 scrapbook where I can keep adding, and I think one is good for 2 - 3 years worth of the child's work.
  • The drawings, paintings, etc. can stack up pretty thick after awhile. So what I do, I pick the best out of the stack in a month's worth of work.  This way I don't have to stuff it all in there.
  • I make sure I write down the date of the art work before putting it in.
  • What's good about these pages is that they are big squares, the sheets of paper where my kids draw fits perfectly inside.  And I can put up to 4 work on each protective sheet, back and forth. I've even stuffed it with more than 4 sometimes because I want to keep most of it.
  • Where do I put them? We have a small closet that we turned it to a "school closet"/ shoe closet. I put it there for easy reaching when I have something to put. And also for the kids to look through when they feel like it.

The idea is to keep what is worth keeping instead of throwing them away because it becomes a mess, and at the same time it is making memory last. And it is very efficient, because a scrapbook that already contains the sheet protectors can be found anywhere from Biglots to Walmart for under $8.  If you're a bargain hunter you can find it cheaper.

And you know what,  you don't even have to be a  homeschooler to do this, you can be a loving mom who just wants to keep these memories of your kids growing up. In fact I was just at Target and found a similar concept to this idea for almost $20, but now on clearance. And I just looked it up on Amazon,  and they sells this "School Memory Album", this particular one is the lowest price I found, $13.59.  I've even seen some that is almost to $90.  They are cute, because it's fully decorated compared to mine above.  But why spend so much when you can make it simple for yourself. Well I chose to do the latter, simple and inexpensive.  But of course, it's not just the cuteness that we're after, it's the thought behind it that matters most. So which ever you choose, the idea is there. I just thought to share it with you. Thanks for reading!!

NOTE: I ran into page about "Records to Keep and Scrapbooking for Homeschool", After reading this, it gave me peace and hope about our family's stand on home education. Which I really thank and praise God for such an opportunity.

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