Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sewing week archive

ANNA is the name, not yet on etsy, but it's small cut utility purse that can bring around the little necessities you need in a purse.

My first version of STELLA in lace was sold right away, and I thought I should make another one since I have more of the same fabric. So here it is again!

I finally altered my husbands pants that he has been asking me to do for weeks! It was very easy. I don't have the edging machine, but the zigzag style is just as fine. And then to finish it off, fold and hand sew it! Anyone can alter their pants with this idea. Well, you still need a sewing machine.
First week of the month is officially my " Sewing week".  It's the week when I sew as much as I can. It's also the week I can keep my mind focus on one thing at time. This way it helps me to juggle my time a little better. So far it has helped me. Part of sewing week is also catching up with some personal sewing, and it isn't all just for adding to my etsy shop. I'm not so pressured, and I don't feel guilty for not making time for new items. It has allowed me to enjoy my sewing time. So here are some pictures I took during the first week of February. 

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The Handmaden said...

Cute little purses - that fabric surely is gorgeous!