Thursday, June 30, 2011

C I E L at the FAIR

Hi everyone! Maybe you've been visiting lately and I thank you for that. You probably thought I've stop blogging. The blog is still alive, it's just that the month of April has been a huge break from blogging because of the CA Artisan & Crafter's Spring Fair that I have joined for the first time. And today, I am actually here. Experiencing my very first public showing of my crafts. I would like to take this opportunity to share my whole experience.

My observation:
Preparing for the fair was not at all easy. I thought one month notice was too short and it would be stressful. I eventually met my goals to make my stuff, and I really enjoyed putting together my handmade fabric wristlets and wallets, flower toppers and clips. To see pictures of them come to my facebook. I had a deep feeling of excitement while making them, knowing that I'm actually allowing others to see my work in public. With a mixture of anxiety, because of fear that I don't know how people will react to my work. But because of that I found myself praying all the time. Praying that the glory that I desire from all this will not be for me, but for Christ's glory.
And I am thankful for my friends whom I told about the day were very encouraging and supportive of my venture.

Being at the Fair. It was nerve wracking as the day came close. I didn't know what to expect at the event. My imagination going wild two nights before, and didn't have appetite to eat. But today as I sit here by my table, I feel at peace, just observing people glancing at my items. Old and young came around. Some were commentators and some were quiet. One thing I'm learning is believe in my craft, get out of my zone and accept anything that will come.

The shoppers. Since this is an indoor fair, I was fearful in the beginning that the crowd will not be attracted. But it turned out pretty well. People came and looked, and some stayed around long, but some also pass me by. My last words, this is how it is. At least I can say I've been publicize.

The vendors. I met the other vendors that were next to me and across me. We chatted, exchanged past experiences and ideas. Some of them have been doing this for more than 10 years. But all in all they also had my share of patience and waiting around.

So in conclusion, the question is will I do it again?  Yes, definitely! Despite the anxiety and fear of not selling anything, I will do it again. I've come to like the ambiance of talking to people who wonder about my items. The experience of meeting strangers, and observing their taste of shopping. It's quite a different feeling being on the other side of the table.

Thank you for reading!

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