Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Journey to Homeschooling: Day 6

Wrapping up Day 6. Other than studying history today, we also went through reading comprehension, handwriting practice, and practice some Math skills activity book. But having a toddler on the hand is not as easy as I make it sound. Maybe you're wondering how I do it with a toddler. Well, today, this is how it looked like from 10:00am to 1:00pm.  We skipped big chores onto reading a book called, "Augustus Caesars World" by Genevieve Foster, outside our patio; After two pages we went back inside and had E, 8 years old, write a summary of what we read from his own words; J, 6 years old, being not yet ready for the study we were doing, he had to skipped the time being while he gets situated; While all that was happening the youngest, 2 years old, was happily situated on the center rug and chose to play with the board game, "connect four". At around 15 to 20 minutes  later, my toddler gets bored and insists he wants to cut paper. He loves to cut, so I gave him the blunted safety scissor for children. I gave him an art book that we don't use anymore. And that kept him busy while I help J get started with his assignment. J was very excited to trace today. He loved picking a drawing from the book that he just read, and write down a sentence of his personal summary of the book. Because he has simple work load he gets things done quicker than big brother E. While J is busy with mommy, I had to keep E busy with memorization. Today he completed his memorization of Robert Frost poem "The Birds Do Thus". So the only way I can divide my time with everyone, I give them turns. They really fight for my attention a lot. Especially the little one. Today we didn't really get to do all what I planned, but that is the beauty of home education. It must become part of our life.

My personal review of the books we used today.
Genevieve Foster, "Augustus Caesar's World", it's getting more and more positive results from my children. This is a book supposedly written for upper level elementary through high school, but I'm not too concerned about the level of my children's comprehension. In fact, I like exposing them to all levels of book reading. Though my 6 year old may not be ready to have a complete comprehension of it, he is able to catch names of people and places. I must insist that this book is an easy read, though I know I can't expect my children to pick up the book to read on their own. But my 8 year old son did surprise me, I saw him bring the book to his room one night, and the next day ask me this question, "Mommy are the gods in the book true?", and I answered, "No they are not." Then he replied, "So why are we reading it?". If anything, this book is bringing opportunities for me to have meaningful conversation with my children.

I totally recommend the book. Here are some links that I have visited to find Genevieve Foster books.

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