Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Well Trained Mind

In case you haven't ran into this particular book, I would like to put in my two cents regarding. I was introduced to this book this year by a friend whose sister was homeschooling and also doing the classical approach. I finally got a hold of this book from the library. It was an older edition, but it was enough for me to realize this one is a keeper. It was the specific instruction that I've been looking for.  How to approach every subject of interest. It's not a curriculum but it has a list of recommended resources, books or workbooks from the internet and/or the local library for me to use with kids. So here's my findings of the book:

1. Easy to read.
2. Easy to follow the guidelines.
3. What does it talk about? It has a description for every child's stage of development and gives an idea of how to approach every level of understanding.
4. It contains a great list of books and suggestive resources of exercise books for Math and Spelling
6. It gives suggestion of  a weekly time schedule for every subject.

The book is not a curriculum in itself. But I like the fact that it can be followed like a curriculum or it can serve as a guide, for moms like me, who likes to approach homeschool in an eclectic way. So I want to welcome this book, "A Well Trained Mind" into my personal library.

BTW, I was really excited that my local library has included this in their bookshelves, but like what I said after reading through the pages on how to approach the grammar stage I just knew I had to keep one for myself. So I started looking everywhere to find a good deal for buying the book. From bookstores to craigslist. I eventually found a listing of homeschooling resources from craigslist for less than $15. Hey you never know what you can find there! That was one of my best deals from a craigslist shopping!

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