Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Outdoor Pillow Project

Part of my love for upcylcing fabrics is the fact that I can practically use anything around the house to make into something adorable.  And every time I share something I've put together I get really excited because I know this would encourage others to recycle or upcycle anything in their home to make something new with it. I am very happy to share that this outdoor pillow cost me nothing! All the materials I used are things I've had sitting around the house. During the summer I've been dreaming to fill up my patio bench with some outdoor pillows I thought of looking for it in thrift stores to save money, because I know it would cost more in the regular stores. Besides it's only going to be used outdoors so I didn't want to spend too much on it. But one day I was tiding up the bedrooms with the kids and saw that some of our bed pillows needed to be replaced. And instead of throwing it away I figured I can sew it into a pillow. So I started searching for a type of fabric I can use to cover it that will be durable for outdoors. And I found an old shower curtain that has been in the linen closest practically unused over the years. So I cut it up in the size of the pillow and started sewing away. And, voila! This the outcome of my outdoor pillow. And just for fun I added my label on.
Materials I used:
 - old shower curtain (thick and durable fabric). To cut it, I had to make adjustments as I completed it. It was my first outdoor pillow)

- old standard size pillow (I pushed all the filling low enough to make a square shape. resulted to 18x18 inches.)

The trickiest part was closing up the whole pillow. But thanks to my faithful sewing machine it was able to hold together. Enjoy!

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