Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Journey to Homeschooling: Week 7

The days are just so fast I can't catch up. From days to weeks definitely homeschooling keeps you busy and productive. Though busy we do find ways to make it relax for the whole family. And that's one thing I like about it. So this week on a Thursday night we hung outside of our front lawn. And a couple of our neighbors came out and chatted with us. While my husband was talking to one of them I had the kids do some night exploring.  Actually, my eldest one have been itching to do this. So finally he and his brothers got experience it. They brought out their flashlights, headlight and anything that they can use to explore. As they walked around the area they came to a corner and found a black widow spider. This was an awesome experience for them. They were very proud to find it they had to show it to their dad. They wouldn't go back in the house without sharing it. I gave them paper and pencil to draw it. And I just let them do what they wanted to do with it. It was really interesting to see how they were wide eyed about this particular spider. I really enjoyed watching explore.  I know the pictures aren't so clear, but I was really just trying to capture the moments. They just moved too quick for me.

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