Monday, October 17, 2011

Journey to Homeschooling: Week 10

Rock candy experiment after 3 weeks
Salt crystal experiment day 1
Sugar candy experiment day 1
Green Salt experiment after 4 weeks.
As we continue on our journey to educate at home, week 10 was a break for us. We tried our best to keep it simple. The boys have been working hard with keeping up with our routine for the past weeks. So it was really nice to have a whole week break from it. The beauty of a year round schedule is that we are able breath and take some pressure off of ourselves to keep up with things. We've been focusing on Grammar, Spelling, Reading, and Memorization. Another beauty of schooling at home is that we can focus and prioritize what we value most. Reading is so important for us and we feel other academic subject is secondary for the mean time. Until the boys find their love for learning specific subject, we look forward to seeing their skill in reading will be of help when that comes.

And I see that happening with my eldest, 8 yo, who learned reading at home at 4 years old. I saw how enjoyed the week break with reading alone.  He also help me read the instructions on our little science experiment.  During this break we became a little creative. I found something off the internet that sparked some interest from the boys, how to grow rock candies instructions.  This site have video tutorials that the boys were able to follow. It was easy and we already had the ingredients. Actually we made two different crystal experiments. One with salt and then rock sugar candy. Both were great to work with. The boys favorite part of the experiment was the food coloring.

The experiment is on going. Because crystal making is a slow process, but it teaches patience and helps see the beauty of creation. Every day the glasses of filled sugar water continues to form in to crystals. It amazes the boys every day they check it there are new crystals that forms.

This science experiment is great for boys, in whatever age.

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