Friday, October 21, 2011

Freebee Homeschool Resources

I find it really helpful to find resources online to help me teach certain academic subjects to my kids. So here is a little something that I want to share. The online wealth of free resources for homeschoolers or any parent who is always on an outlook to helping their children excel.
This dictionary was introduce to me awhile ago by a friend of mine who was a mother of three. She homeschooled all three. Now with one college graduate with a nursing degree, with the second child getting a doctorate in Physical Therapy, and with the last child in the process of finishing college. I write about her because she would be the most influential mom to me. She encourage me about everything from being a godly wife & mom to creating a God directed homeschool environment for my children. And this is one of the resources I've come to enjoy. I don't have to dictionary on hand, but I'm so glad that it's freely available on the internet. I'm really impressed with this dictionary. I never thought how important it is to own the right dictionary. This one is worth owning, but because I'm financially ready to purchase, I'm just glad I can still use the benefit through the internet. And I'm sure you will also. Click on the image or here to go to the website itself.

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