Monday, January 2, 2012

Every minute is a moment of instruction

I was just reminded the other day how a day is like a minute. How quickly it passes. And with this thought the more it drives me to not cease a day with my children too long. And most of all, to never cease praying. A constant review of how every minute with my children is a moment of importance. I'm a mom of three boys in which two are are no longer toddlers, and the other will soon pass this stage too. And because I'm growing boys the more I see the urgency to always be on guard to teach, to train, to guide.  I've been told many times that parents are raising leaders not merely children. Raising them up is one thing, and raising them to be leaders is a higher calling. And to make things happen now is the time to train, not when they turn sixteen. I speak not only to my fellow parents, but I preach to myself that every minute is a moment of instruction of grace, discipline, survival and so much more. Let's not miss the mark.

Wishing your family to have a productive year!

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