Monday, January 9, 2012

A wonderful way to find good books

Our family is always on a hunt for good books. We would set a day to go book hunting! The thrifts stores are our first choice to go to. Used books are as good as new as long as they are readable. Sometimes we will have a list of books to look for, and sometimes we just go and see what the stores have. And when we have funds to get new books we visit the Barnes & Noble down the street. Yes, that one is still open.

Although this one particular book that I've found lately is no where in the places I have mentioned. This one is special because I personally met the author of this book. I thought it was a treat meeting the author of a book. Her name is Heather Tietz. She is a children's book author. She has a list of books published by Ambassador Publishing. She wrote a lullaby book that is great to read and sing to your little ones. I thought this was a cute book to have. Sing the book to your child in the tune of "Jesus Loves You" as you put them to sleep. I went looking for it over the internet and yes you can find it at, or directly from Barnes& Visit her website to know more about her.

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