Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Diving into Chapter 2

Here is an advice on how to dive into chapter 2:
1. The keywords you should mark on your bible: fellowship, abide, sin, know, love, born of God, Light, truth, write, world, references to the devil.

    I suggest you think of a creative way to mark them distinctively all through out 1 John. I use color pencils and shapes. If this is too challenging you can make it simple to your own way of remembering them. Just know that these keywords will help us know and understand.

2. Note down the purposes of John, the author. You will know it when it writes, "I am writing to you... because". I'll give you a hint there are 6 in this chapter

3. Lastly, write down what you learn about Christ.

This was  emailed to the group before the next Saturday meeting for our study on 1 John. As we moved on to chapter 2, I felt that I had to give a little bit of a guide on how to get into it by using the New Inductive Study Bible.

Results: All the ladies were able to mark their bibles to keep track of keywords. Maybe you're wondering what's the purpose of that. Well, keywords help us see what the author is emphasizing in his writing. It is most of the time his point or purpose. Finding purpose will then help us understand more. It takes awhile to look for keywords, but slowly our eyes get used to seeing as we look for it with intention to seek understanding. I'm excited for the ladies, because I see that they are working hard at it. One of them bought a new journaling bible and started exploring it with her color pencils!

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