Monday, April 9, 2012

"Adela" who made me dresses ...

She was a mom of four children. She was a stay at home mom until grandchildren came along. And she managed her home well. She was a good cook,  sewed dresses and things, and loved gardening. She gardened the most beautiful orchids in the neighborhood. She sewed dresses for all her daughters and grand daughters.

When I was a school age child I had to learn sewing dolls and patches, crochet flowers, and embroidery. I always knew she was the best one to help me in this area. She showed me how to have a good steady hand.

She came to live with us when I was a teenager. She slept in my room. I could still remember I couldn't go to sleep right away because I could always hear her rub her feet together as she tries to go to sleep. And when she goes to sleep she would snore the loudest. But she would wake up the earliest and I would find her always reading her bible. She would cook us breakfast after her devotions. She would hug me so tight when I leave for school. One time I ask her to teach me how to copy a dress I really admired but was too expensive to buy, and she patiently show me how to create a pattern from scratch. The process was to long for me, and she ended up making me the dress.

And when she was too old to sew me dresses, I new it was my turn to take care of her. So I took her to a trip to Knott's Berry Farm. She didn't ride the rides but she strolled with me and enjoyed the scene. Until I was married she continued to inspire me of her talent and skill as I always see her busy with sewing projects, patiently sewing simple projects like curtains.

All through out the years I was with her it never cross my mind that she would leave me an inheritance, but she did. She left me the best one. The creativity and skill to sew. It's a priceless heritage that can continue on. I still have one of the dresses she made me and I will never part with it unless it cannot fit me anymore.  I will always remember her. She was my grandma, my lola,  and her name was Adela.

"I thank you Lord for taking her today. I know she is better there enjoying her eternal life with you!"

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